Mega Airport Prague – End of support

Hi everyone,

as was mentioned a year ago, today marks the end of support for Mega Airport Prague for FSX/P3D. So, let’s say a few words.

The first version of our scenery was released back in the 2016, and since then, we were doing our best to support the scenery in the newly released versions of P3D, to improve everything which was possible for us, and bring smaller things like dynamic lightning. We acknowledge that Airport Controller might not have worked correctly in some cases, but we were doing what we could to improve it, and we can say with some amount of pride, that there was only a small percent of users, which had issues. In the end, we are confident that we did a good job, and seeing several legal users porting this scenery unofficially even to X-Plane, and using it there, is very humbling for us.

We regret that we were not able to finish the official X-Plane version of the scenery, however, since our entire development team now works directly for Laminar Research on X-Plane, it was simply not within our manpower and time capabilities.

Now, what the end of support actually means:

Support Tickets

  • We will no longer accept any support tickets regarding technical issues with Mega Airport Prague

Activation of Box versions

  • We will still provide this service for the time being, however, it is worth nothing, that if someone owns a Box version, they should have requested an activation a long time ago.


  • Our Forum will still be running, so our users can discuss anything regarding our scenery, but we cannot promise that we will participate in any topic.


  • Our Facebook page will remain, but again, we cannot promise that we will participate in any thread / comments.

After discussion with Aerosoft, it has been decided, that with the end of support, Mega Airport Prague will no longer be sold at all, and it is not within our power to change it. However, and let us stress this – All existing owners will be able to use the scenery, and their credentials (email and s/n) will be working.

We would like to thank you for your feedback, your patience, and support!

XHT Labs Team