Mega Airport Prague for Prepar3D v5 has been released!

Hello everyone,

we are very pleased to inform you, that Mega Airport Prague for Prepar3D v5 has been released. And with it, we have a small present for you, the Dynamic Lights. These were done in cooperation with Inibuilds, and we would like to sincerely thank them.

Small changelog (Prepar3D v5 only):
– Maintenance Tool support for Prepar3D v5 planes
– Edited AFCAD to support new 8,33khz ATC frequencies
– Dynamic Lights provided by Inibuilds

This is a free upgrade, so the newest installer is available for you at your order page.

But now let’s go to the more unpleasant things to say. As some of you may now, we are not a full-time developers, and we are working on this scenery in our free time. Therefore (some parts of our team more than other) are dependant on our daytime jobs, which naturally have a priority. With that being said, and with regards to the state in which Prepar3D v5 is in, we are hereby announcing, that if any change occurs in the minor version of Prepar3D v5 (5.1,5.2, etc…), which will break the function of Mega Airport Prague, we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to work on the scenery anymore. Also, the official technical support (support tickets, etc…) will end exactly one year after this official release, which is 10th of August, 2021.

Since this is a major decision, we wanted to make sure we are as clear as possible about our current status. We would like to work on new products very much, and this would mean that Mega Airport Prague would only drag us down and slow us down. We have released the original version of Mega Airport Prague at May 2016, and since then we were doing our best to keep that product alive. And as this goes with almost everything in real life, lifespan has to eventually come to an end.

We hope that you understand our situation.