XHT-Labs P3D v5 Status Update

Hello everyone,

we have decided to give you a quick status update on our work. We have made a significant progress, and the installer for Prepar3D v5 version is basically finished. However, we have stumbled on a major issue with the scenery itself. This major issue has resulted in PAPI lights (which are provided with an Airport Controller) not being visible from certain distance, and being completely useless. We have tried to investigate as much as possible, however our investigation returned no results.

We have reached to Lockheed Martin on their official forum:

However, since May 25th, there is still no response from LM. We are hoping that the upcoming Prepar3D v5 HF2 could fix this issue, but we have no information on its content. If HF2 will not solve this issue, we will try to get in touch with Aerosoft, if they have any direct contact on Lockheed Martin. If this will not produce any results, the release of P3D v5 version will be cancelled. I hope you understand, that if we are receiving this attitude from Lockheed Martin, our interest in further development for Prepar3D v5 platform is seriously disturbed.

Again, we hope you understand.