Diagnostic Tool

Hi all
I promised P3Dv4 installer to be ready before the end of the November. And this is the message Jan passed to all of you. So, to do not left him in a bad light I should tell bit more about it.
Due to increasing demands from my full-time job before the end of the year, I was not able to accumulate enough time to work on it. In addition, as we realized that 98% of all issues with the Mega Airport Prague scenery within last year was due to issues with customer FSX/P3D installation we decided to invest a significant part of the installer development to the diagnostic utility to minimize any wrong experience. 
And at this point, it was just a little step to decide to create a universal Diagnostic Tool for FSX/P3D which should give anyone a detailed info about simulators configuration and try to identify any possible issues. This draws in some additional work on UI and makes the development bit longer. But I hope/believe that all of you will agree with me that this step is highly reasonable and absolutely necessary.
And as the tool will be free I work hard to deliver it before end of December you to have a Christmas gift from us 🙂
After that, the installer will be finished and delivered to you. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.